Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why not lobby for funding instead?

We can and should! The TTC is underfunded by a large degree in comparison to other cities of comparable size. In a comment on the National Post:

% of the public transit system operating budget in selected major N. American cities that's funded by state and local authorities:

- San Francisco MUNI = 72%

- New Jersey-New York PATH = 68%

- Boston MTBA = 68%

- Los Angeles LACMTA = 59%

- Chicago = 56%

- Washington DC = 54%

- New York MTA = 45%

- Toronto TTC = 30%

However, many Torontonians that feel the TTC mismanages the money it does get, or that there are other cost-cutting options that should be explored before another fare increase. The government’s lack of help for the TTC doesn’t mean that we should have to make up that shortfall entirely.

I encourage everyone to write his or her representatives:

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  1. What's your source for the above data?

  2. Not the best of primary sources, but I got it here:

    It's in line with other similar things I've read.

  3. Is there information on other Canadian cities? Funding structures for U.S. cities are far different than Canadian cities. They have a much greater level of funding in general from upper levels of government. Canadian cities do not because of constitutional considerations which place local transportation mostly under municipal purview.

  4. I too, would like to see how we fare (no pun intended) compared to other Canadian cities.

  5. Can we just consider for a moment what would happen if the TTC found a way to enforce full payment of fares? How often have you seen people drop in a couple quarters and pass through? It's not rocket science.

  6. It is the TTC labor cost that is causing financial touble for TTC. They got another 3% annual wage increase for the next 3 years, thanks to Toronto mayor Miller.
    Can the next Toronto mayor do anything to stop giving TTC union what they want?

  7. The problem is not funding. It starts with the way the TTC is set up. The system is among the most archiac in the world. Toronto needs to look at European and Asian cities and how they run their transit systems. In Seoul and Tokyo, everything is automated. You use a 'pay as you use' card that charges a rider for distance and usage. These cards can be recharged at self-serve machines. For single rides, Seoul has implemented a single-use card, that charges a 50c deposit and you get that back at the destination. This automated system is both economical and reduces people taking advantage of the metro card and transfer system. And since the buses and subways are integrated, there is no need for transfer slips of people 'cheating' on fares. The real issue, and one that would keep fares reasonable, is not the fares themselves, but they way the system is run. I really want to see a fully automated TTC fare system. Why does Toronto remain so far behind the rest of the world?