Thursday, November 12, 2009

Action Day

If you can boycott the TTC:

You know the drill. The weather will be pretty good, though cool - so dress for it and walk if you're close!

If you can bike (that's me) - looks like great biking weather! If you need tips or routes, the Toronto Cyclists Union and Biking Toronto have you covered.

If you're driving, try to carpool - people are looking for and offering rides on PickupPal, and on the Facebook event wall. If anyone is part of a carpool in response to this strike and would be cool with a news crew shooting their departure, call: 416.446.5460.

And if you're lucky, you're working at home.

If you can't boycott the TTC - or don't agree:

Write your MPs and MPPs about the state of the TTC. Tell them that to keep Toronto working, they need to keep Toronto moving.

Call the TTC complaint line (416-393-3030) and the City Ombudsman (416-392-7062) to complain about the token limits and the fare hikes - or complain to the TTC online.

Go to the Commission meeting on Tuesday, November 17th to help give the deputation!

Pay in nickles and pennies - and do it for every Friday after!

Fight for Fair Student Fares!

This has been an awesome week - because this week, despite any differences in opinion, TTC riders seem to have agreed on one thing: we deserve a better transit system. And we'll fight to get it.

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