Monday, November 23, 2009

News Roundup-ish

Boycott and Fare Hike:

TTC to raise fares

Let's trade riders' strikes for riders' solutions

TTC boycott aims to protest rising fares

Boycott? The TTC? Today?

Few riders observe TTC boycott

Toronto transit riders 'strike'

Disgruntled Riders Take Part In TTC Boycott

Few signs of rider revolt

Fare hike only starts the conversation

TTC Smart Cards Still Years Away

Token hoarding will result in $1 million loss: TTC
(not affiliated)

Riled Red Rocket riders ready to unite

TTC Riders' Union Gains Momentum

Meeting - December 13th - 2 PM

Ahead of an admittedly spotty news roundup - not enough attention paid, despite Google Alerts - here's the really important news:

TTC (un)fare hike 09 Meeting
Sunday, Dec. 13th
2 - 4 PM
Location: TBA

The passing of the fare hike doesn't mean there's any reason to quit. Let's discuss what we could accomplish by organizing.

Should we demand a fare freeze? Lobby higher levels of government? Demand a TTC audit or perform our own? Do we need a complaint oversight committee to ensure customer service issues are heard? What sort of TTC does the ridership want?

In this meeting, we can figure out where we stand and start setting an agenda.

If you're on Facebook, here's the event page.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Updates to come

Updates coming this weekend, including a news roundup - my apologies, I've been ill on and off all week, which makes my communication skills limited even at work. :P

Saturday, November 14, 2009

MONDAY: Fare Hike Protest, City Hall - 6 PM - 9 PM

I've been informed of another protest taking place at City Hall on Monday Nov. 16th from 6 - 9 PM. If you can, attend!

Facebook event:

It seems like there's various events starting to pop up, which is awesome - to keep coordinated and therefore strong, join TTC (un)fare hike '09!

TUESDAY: Commission Meeting, CIty Hall 12:45 PM

Next stop: City Hall. If you can make it out Tuesday to the meeting, there will be a protest and a deputation, please attend! If you can't, give suggestions about what to say at the meeting!

ETA: Steve Munro has a summary of the TTC Budget Report up here.

Also, congrats to the Fair Student Fares campaign in having TTC Chair Adam Giambrone raise the issue of student fares extending to post-secondary students at the meeting Tuesday. And though I am aware that the idea of lowering the proposed Metropass fare was around before the boycott, it's still appreciated.

I will be attempting the daunting task of counting the Facebook wall posts this weekend to get a vague idea of numbers, but as I've told everyone - there's no real way to tell. I hope everyone who said they would bike or walk did, and more - but it was always going to be difficult to tell. Lesson learned there, at least!

Friday, November 13, 2009

What'd you do?

Post what you did today! Bike? Walk? Pay in a shower of copper and nickel? Let's hear it!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Action Day

If you can boycott the TTC:

You know the drill. The weather will be pretty good, though cool - so dress for it and walk if you're close!

If you can bike (that's me) - looks like great biking weather! If you need tips or routes, the Toronto Cyclists Union and Biking Toronto have you covered.

If you're driving, try to carpool - people are looking for and offering rides on PickupPal, and on the Facebook event wall. If anyone is part of a carpool in response to this strike and would be cool with a news crew shooting their departure, call: 416.446.5460.

And if you're lucky, you're working at home.

If you can't boycott the TTC - or don't agree:

Write your MPs and MPPs about the state of the TTC. Tell them that to keep Toronto working, they need to keep Toronto moving.

Call the TTC complaint line (416-393-3030) and the City Ombudsman (416-392-7062) to complain about the token limits and the fare hikes - or complain to the TTC online.

Go to the Commission meeting on Tuesday, November 17th to help give the deputation!

Pay in nickles and pennies - and do it for every Friday after!

Fight for Fair Student Fares!

This has been an awesome week - because this week, despite any differences in opinion, TTC riders seem to have agreed on one thing: we deserve a better transit system. And we'll fight to get it.