Saturday, November 14, 2009

TUESDAY: Commission Meeting, CIty Hall 12:45 PM

Next stop: City Hall. If you can make it out Tuesday to the meeting, there will be a protest and a deputation, please attend! If you can't, give suggestions about what to say at the meeting!

ETA: Steve Munro has a summary of the TTC Budget Report up here.

Also, congrats to the Fair Student Fares campaign in having TTC Chair Adam Giambrone raise the issue of student fares extending to post-secondary students at the meeting Tuesday. And though I am aware that the idea of lowering the proposed Metropass fare was around before the boycott, it's still appreciated.

I will be attempting the daunting task of counting the Facebook wall posts this weekend to get a vague idea of numbers, but as I've told everyone - there's no real way to tell. I hope everyone who said they would bike or walk did, and more - but it was always going to be difficult to tell. Lesson learned there, at least!

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