Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Call The TTC Friday

Many people are unable to skip the TTC Friday because the distances they travel are too far for other means, or they can't find or afford them. And that's part of the reason that those of us who can should try to - because there's a lot of people who will be seriously affected by the increase in fares.

However, a great idea came from the Facebook wall - that people should call the TTC Friday with complaints about fare increases and token restrictions. Whether you're boycotting the system or not, you can definitely take a moment to call!

TTC complaints:

City Ombudsman:

This Friday, call. Walk. Bike. Carpool.


  1. I get driven "past" at least once a week on College on my way to WORK. Which results in being late. and this isn't because the car is full, I travel west to work... its cuz the operators dont look at their surroundings!
    Raising the fair better mean that the service level will raise! I am extremely tired of these old dirty streetcars and the fact that I have to pay more to ride them is extremely infuriating!
    Society cannot handle all of these tax increases, our incomes will not allow it. Do the big guys at TTC even check into the demographics? There is barely anyone at Rosedale riding the TTC!! It is all the people who are struggling to get by as it is...never mind with all the increases (HST ETC). Life is hard enough - lets try and go easy on the little guy.

  2. I 100% agree with you Amanda.
    I take the King car to and from work, and we get driven by at least 2-4 times a WEEK. And though there is room in the back, the TTC wont allow people to get on in the back of the CARS either!